Mustache Motivation Monday


Movember is in full swing! Aaron Reed here is a seasoned vet and professional mustache grower, so look close and take notes. He’s born and put on this planet to grow facial hair. The rest of us can only dream! Wether you’re on the team or just want to help, head over to our site and donate to the cause! Pay it forward and help someone that needs it! – our team name is Liquid Force Mustachios

20 Under 20: Gordon Harrison


Bringing you 20 interviews with the sports most promising groms. This week’s interview is with the Brody Jenner of wakeboarding…

Age: May 17, 1994.

Hometown: Lake Caroline, (16 of 17) copy

Dream sponsor?

Monster Energy.

Go to order at chipotle?

Burrito, white rice, black beans, barbacoa, medium sauce,

cheese, sour cream, corn, guacamole.

Fav wake legend?

Scott Byerly

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Get Yourself a Copy of PRIME!


From the creator of Defy, the Danny Harf Project… comes the next level of wakeboarding including a massive movement to bring the sport and it’s riders to the top of the action sports world. PRIME dives deep into the heart of the most progressive riding today while delving into the minds and physical potential of wakeboarding and wakeskating’s best. These athletes are all unique and motivated by different instincts, but one factor remains the same: taking wakeboarding to the next level. PRIME is filmed in the most epic locations around the world. Travel from insane blue lakes in Florida, adventure houseboat trips in Northern California, dead tree lakes in Southern Australia to the most insane wake park setups like Lake Ronix and Battle Falls. PRIME is geared to be one of the most visually stunning films ever produced in wakeboarding. Director Sean Kilgus and BFY Action Films delivers their tenth feature film and further exemplifies the top tier talents of today’s most elite wake boarders and wakeskaters. Sit back and enjoy the next evolution of wakeboarding and action sports cinematography.

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