Boardstock is Back!


Presented by Liquid Force and now in its 7th year Boardstock promises to be a great weekend of wakeboarding action and a chance for all sectors of the industry to get together to celebrate this great sport. The event will cater to all levels of riding and there will be divisions for beginners all the way up to international pros. Prizes and giveaways will be happening all weekend and there will be a minimum $10,000 prize money purse for the pro ranks.

BLI BLI Wake Park is the perfect venue for Boardstock with a lake full of world
class obstacles and a Bi Level setup to challenge the best of the best.

Event schedule and highlights for 2016 will include:

Saturday March 5th
Bi Level Invitational Challenge
By invitation only this event will feature Men, Women and Skate. It will be held in the bi level lake in a sudden death no falls heats/finals format with a series of challenging rails and features specifically built for the event
King of Kicker
A “one hit wonder” contest where riders each get 3 attempts to land their
best trick off the kicker. This will be open to a range of divisions from Under 13s up to pro ranks.

Saturday March 5th
Riders Choice Awards
This Awards Night will be held on Saturday evening at the Sol Bar in Maroochydore and is a chance for the wakeboarding industry to crown its best riders and exponents in all fields of cable, boat and rail riding

Sunday March 6th
Liquid Force Obstacles Only Event
The main event of Boardstock 2016 will give riders of all ages a chance to compete in an obstacles only jam style format. It will have divisions for all ages from Under 13s up to pros.

Proposed Schedule (Subject to possible change)
Saturday 10am – 2pm : BI LEVEL Challenge & Presentation
Saturday 3pm – 6pm : KING of KICKER & Presentation
Saturday 7pm : Riders Choice Awards
Sunday 8am – 1pm : Liquid Force Rail Jam & Presentation


OTIS Welcomes Harley


OTIS Eyewear is pleased to announce the signing of international wake super star Harley Clifford to its team.
Harley who hails from Queensland in Australia but spends most of his year based in Florida has a list of achievements that defy his age. At only 22 he is a multiple world champion, multiple Pro Wakeboard Tour champion, X Games Gold Medalist and Wake Awards “Best Wakeboarder” to name a few. An authentic and likable character this makes him popular with the fans of wakeboarding as well, with Harley’s repeat, first-place ranking in Wakeboarding Magazine’s Annual Readers Poll.

“We’re very excited to have Harley joining the OTIS family. Harley’s talent is unquestionable and he’s already one of the best wakeboarders in history. We feel really fortunate to have someone of his caliber introduce our brand to the wakeboarding industry. His vibrant persona and genuine style align perfectly with our brand values,” says Sean Kelly GM Americas.

“I’m really excited to become part of the Otis family, their product is of such good quality and looks sick. Not only that but everyone I have met through the company is rad. I love what Otis stands for and am looking forward to many years to come.”

Check out why we love OTIS HERE!


Behind The Photo: Up Close With Derek Cook


Last fall Derek Cook was in Orlando for Surf Expo and the Less Than 5 contest. One morning he and fellow Delta Force member (and DogDayz shooter) Trever Maur were gonna ride with Danny Harf and Jeff House, so I tagged along to take some pictures. When I’m shooting a crew with that many different riders I try to mix up the look of my shots for each rider. For example, if I shoot one guy with a longer lens with the chase boat a bit farther away, I might shoot with a wider lens and closer up for another guy. The reason behind this, for me, is twofold. One, it keeps it fun for me to mess around with different angles, framing, and tricks a rider is trying. Two, it ensures that if multiple shots from that day of shooting make the pages of the magazine they won’t look too similar.

Derek rode third that morning and I hadn’t shot with a wide angle lens yet. I’d recently been messing around with shooting from the bow of the chase boat in the trough of the wake the rider was taking off from and really liking the results. I asked Derek if he was game to try some stuff and we started firing away. Shots like this take a lot of coordination and trust between the rider, the photographer, and especially the chase boat driver. Please don’t attempt shooting photos or video (or just watching your buddy ride if you’re into chase watching…?) at home. Chase driving duties fell to Jeff as Danny was driving his boat and Trever was shooting video next to me. To line up the spot for the chase boat Derek stands in the trough so Jeff could judge where he needed to keep the chase boat. What actually helped keep us in good position was for Jeff to hang back and outside of the trough just a bit and then bring the boat forward and in toward the wake as Derek was cutting in. In order to ensure keeping the chase boat in the same spot and to get a rhythm going for getting photos, Derek was only jumping from that side of the boat. After he would land he’d cut back across the wake and cut out for another trick. This kept Derek and Jeff in sync and allowed me and Trever to get some great shots.