“Breaking & Entering Christmas”

Be a part of a christmas miracle!
“Breaking and Entering Christmas” which is broadcasted on the Jeff and Jer morning radio show. Each year we select a family that is having a really rough year and would be unable to celebrate Christmas how most of us are accustomed to. We somehow get them out of their house for a few hours and break in. When they come home BOOM! They have Christmas! Everything from Christmas Lights to a tree, presents, groceries, furniture, and in some cases a new car.

This has been an amazing blessing to all these families as well as the people involved in giving them Christmas. Each year after I leave I want to do more and this year we are. Tommy gets tons of letters each year from deserving families but is only able to take care of one. I want to help him out and take some of the other ones that he is unable to help.

Here is the plan for how you can help:

-For the next few weeks we are going to be accepting donations at any of the Wakesports locations or at the Carlsbad Lagoon. You can give whatever you would like from toys to groceries to cash. Whatever you give we will deliver to the family. I do not know who the family will be yet but when I have specifics on the age and gender of the kids, and what they are in to, I will pass that info along to you guys.

-Another way you can help is to come with us. The day of the “Breaking In” the more help the better. Again I do not know exactly when this will be but if you contact me with your interest in being a part of it I will keep you posted.

This will be the only mass email I will send out so if you are interested in being a part of this contact us and we will keep you up to speed with all of the details.

Everything we are going to do is going to be anonymous. In my opinion that is one of the best parts. This family is going to leave one morning only to return to a winter wonderland in their house, and hopefully never know where it all came from.

Please help us to provide this Christmas Miracle.

God bless you and your family
Josh Cantor

For more info contact us

or you can call the shops@

San Diego 858-277-5757
Carlsbad Lagoon 760-434-3089
Orange 714-363-9253

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