Matters: Derek Cook

Derek Cook un-wrapping a stalefish frontside 360. pic: Garrison

When I was asked to write this article I had to dig deep and really break down what motivates me to keep riding and pushing the sport in the direction I want to portray it. Next year I will be 30. Yep, 30; no longer one of up and coming young go-hards whose dream about being a professional rider may someday come true. It’s happened, and it’s been happening for the last eight years of my life. So when should my “career” end? Is there a time limit or expiration date on riding a wakeboard for a job? At what point does it all go down hill? How many more back edges do I have to take before the pain isn’t worth the progression? These are all questions that I guess I should be thinking about, but I don’t. Right now I’m more motivated than ever to have a board under my feet and spread the word about wakeboarding.

I can’t pinpoint exactly where that mindset comes from. Maybe it’s the all-star supporting cast that I have around me at home on the Delta. We have Josh Twelker who’s so f$%*@^# good at wakeboarding it’s almost unbelievable. Everything he does is as legit as it gets; so teched out with so much style. I can’t wait for Josh to get healthy over the winter and come out with guns blazing. Trever Maur is a double threat, he’ll tuck knee any trick better than you and then turn around and shoot a web video of your worst set and make you look amazing. One of the most talented guys I know, Grant Roberts, is really good at video games so he decided to ride like he’s in one. Stupid good. Have you seen his stalefish? Yeah, he’s on a wakeskate. And of course Randall Harris moved up to the D (Delta) this summer and has been seen boosting shore to shore at riding speeds that turn water into concrete. To top it off Rodrigo Donoso is always capturing it all in a chase boat not too far behind, stoked out and keeping everybody pumped. He doesn’t miss, ever! I don’t see how I can’t be motivated with a crew like this. It’s truly awesome and inspiring to be on the water with these guys every day. #ourcrewissick!

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