What’s Up: Andrew Fortenberry

Andrew Fortenberry is the type of guy you’d be happy to introduce your daughter to. He’s well spoken, kicks ass at sports, and doesn’t live in a van (for most of the year anyways).

What’s up with the new sponsorship? It was pretty out of the blue. I honestly never thought I was going to ride anything besides an Integrity. Then Aaron and Danny hit me up one day, I tried the Tao, and fell in love with it. Riding for Obscura is really fun and also a big step for me, I’m happy and excited to see what the future holds.

What’s up with “the digs” on Lake Pickett? I don’t even know where to start, we have lots of land and water for activities. You can always find a spot to ride if the weather sucks, and we are pretty secluded from everything else so no one bothers us. Pickett is like its own little world, there have been days on end where I haven’t left, because if you have food and water you don’t see a reason to go anywhere else.

What’s up with school? Well I got my A.A. from Valencia last spring, I studied mechanical engineering and personal fitness and wellness. I’m not going to school at the moment, I would like to maybe go to UCF next fall though…schools expensive.

What’s up with that Australia trip? It was amazing! Danny and I flew into Sydney, went to a cable event in Penrith, then road tripped up the coast for two and a half weeks stopping at anything that we thought we could skate, winch, or surf. Then ended up at Bli Bli cable to end off an awesome trip.

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