What’s Up: Felix Georgii

Free wakeboards, snowboards, and enough redbull to fuel a rocketship. Felix Georgii has got it good.

What’s been up this winter?

- Unfortunately, not that much because my foot was still not super good from my Wakeboard injury. I just started to hit rails again and learned a bunch of tricks switch to give my foot a break.

What’s up with the coming summer?

- I´m going to the states in two weeks to start my season and film there. But after that trip I´ll do a lot of contests like FISE, Wake the line and there´s a pretty sick project from red bull and unit on the way where I’m somehow involved.

What’s up with snowboarders winching?

- So its obviously not like winching with a wakeboard, but we use it to get speed at street spots most of the time so it´s pretty favorably opposite to build a big snow inn run.

What’s up with your board riding skills? How did you get so good at two sports?

-I think it´s just the perfect spot where I grew up, we have the mountain right in front of the door and a cable park five minutes from my home, so I think it could´t be better.

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