Behind the Shot with Melissa

LA to the BAY back to LA

Last fall my friend Kim Kirch and I made a road trip up to northern California to shoot with Rodrigo before it got too cold. We rode at the Delta with Grant Roberts and Trevor Maur, Lake Clementine, Wake Island cable park in Sacramento and back down to the Bay area to hit some winch spots.

Justin Fisher took us to a few of his local spots in the bay area. The first spot was the grossest water I’ve ever encountered but the ledges were perfect and the scenery was sick. First try my board hit the brakes on the cement and I went head first into the nasty water and kicked out by security.

The next spot Justin took us to was these banked ledges in this photo. The pond was in a park in a really sketchy area with houses with bars on the windows. We waxed the ledges first because the concrete was pretty rough. The rope had to be swam up to the ledges then walked up and around the top pond. There was these nasty thorns that would stick in my feet and at the end of the day my feetsies were super sore. I pushed the tulles down to make a start dock and was pulled off by the Pulldozer winch. The Banked ledges were pretty mellow but thats what made them super fun to session. Finding Urban spots to winch is always a challenge to find and make happen but is so rad cause every spot is unique, nothing needs to be built, and grinding cement feels badass.


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