Fire Drill with Shane

Shane’s nostalgia knows no bounds. Photo: Cortese

“What would you grab from your house if it were on fire?”

1. My first pro model board – Liquid Force Mini Squirt 1997. This one was the first out of the press, I still remember Jimmy Redmon giving it to me. That seems like ages ago, I think I was 13 or 14.

2. Picture of me and Pamela Anderson from the Playboy Mansion – No one will ever believe I met Pam at the Playboy Mansion unless I have that photo to back it up.

3. Playboy – Any issue, doesn’t matter. A good playboy isn’t going to help out much, but it will take your mind off the fact your house just burned down.

4. The Camera we filmed Pointless with – It is a Sony VX something or other, I should probably know since I have it tattooed on me. This is a good reminder of the Pointless days as this camera was what started everything off for us. That camera went everywhere with me for at least three years.

5. Mustache wax – Good thing this was in my pocket as I ran out of my house… I’m going to need it to look good to find a girl whose house I can sleep at.

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