First Ever Nautique and Rockstar Wake Park Showdown Won by Raph Derome

Orlando, Fla. — For the first time in its storied history, the Nautique and Rockstar Wake Park Showdown presented by Polaroid Action was included as an event at the Nautique Wake Games. Boasting a field of the sport’s top professional male athletes, the inaugural event was won by Raph Derome, who put on an exhibition in riding a Pro features-only course.

“Nautique came to us with the idea of having a wake park event at Wake Games and as soon as we mentioned the idea to Rockstar and Polaroid Action they were all over it” said Chris Bischoff, competition director at World Sports & Marketing. “With household names like team Nautique riders Bob Soven and Mike Dowdy going against the world’s best park riders and a crew of Orlando’s finest local riders, the Wake Park event had all the makings for a classic showdown. Congratulations to Raph for taking first-place over a very versatile and talented group of riders.”

The prestigious invite-only event pitted the world’s top boat riders against the best park riders on a Pro features-only course battling it out for a $10,000 prize purse. The field also included a contingent of Central Florida’s top park riders that were handpicked by Orlando Watersports Complex to represent their home park.


1. Raph Derome 86.25

2. James Windsor 78.00

3. Mitch Langfield 73.25

4. Shane Bonifay 64.00

5. Bob Sichel 58.50

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