Amber Wing Takes 1st, and Bec Gange snags 3rd at the first stop on the MasterCraft PWT

MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour – Stop 1 Results

Acworth, Ga.– Thousands of fans lined the shores of Lake Acworth Beach to watch a dramatic final day of competition at the MasterCraft Pro Wakeboard Tour, presented by Rockstar. Claiming top honors at the inaugural PWT event of the season was Phil Soven in the Men’s Pro Division.

Soven used a lethal combination of creative aerial maneuvers and near flawless rail riding to launch himself to victory. To claim the win, Soven overcame stiff competition in the sport’s most competitive division narrowly edging out Shota Tezuka and Harley Clifford, who both earned spots on the podium.

“I’m stoked to get the first Pro Tour win of the season! All the guys were riding great today and I’m excited to get an early lead in the standings,” said Soven.

The Pro women’s finals showcased the huge progression the division has made over the past couple seasons. Going bigger than anyone today was Amber Wing, who claimed victory with a well-balanced arsenal of tricks and overall stylish riding. Wing beat out Dallas Friday and Bec Gange, who claimed second and third place respectively.

The Overton’s Junior Pro Series also saw excellent riding today from a handful of riders. Taking his game to the next level was Noah Flegel, who’s final run score of 94.75 catapulted him over Cory Teunissen and Parker Siegele to take first place in the talented field.

Following the final rounds of action, fans witnessed the jaw-dropping Polaroid Action Big-Air Contest. Riding behind the MasterCraft X-Star, riders launched massive tricks that are rarely attempted in standard contest format. Taking the victory was Aaron Rathy, who stuck a mind-blowing Mute Mobe.

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