Behind the Shot – Amber Wing

I Love riding boat, its what I do. I wanted to get a shot that looked different to any other. I have been playing around with tweaking my stailfish out a little different and we decided that was the trick we were
going to shoot. This particular evening with Chris Garrison we were talking about filters and different colors we could make through the flash, the girl in me chose Pink and Purple!

We rode until the sun went down shooting with natural light, we then put the filters on and I got back out there. It was really cold and really dark, it gets difficult to see at that point. I really enjoyed the challenge and trying something new. Shoots like these you never know if it will work out or if you will need to try again another night.

I was stoked to see this shot when Chris sent it to me, it worked and I loved the colors! I was even more excited when LF picked it for my Ad!

Happy Riding peeps!

- Amber Wing

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