Juan Martín Velez in Columbian National paper

It’s like comparing the roughness of the concrete floor to the apparent softness of the water. Only the board is no longer driven by the strength of the body but by a boat at high speeds. So arguably the wakeboard is the water version of skateboarding. In both, what are the tricks worth.

And right on the water’s of Antioquia is 17 year-old, Juan Martin Velez, who has become the great figure of this modality in Antioquia, which is just beginning to show.

Velez recognizes that wakeboarding is an elite sport, which has been becoming widespread, especially in Eastern Antioquia through the dam Guatapé-The Peñol and Llanogrande clubs.

Four years ago, John Martin, was polishing his tricks, because he knew that the composition and variety is what creates success. “You have to prove who is the most knowledgeable on the table and show your most technical tricks is the winner. Both will not jump.”

His smile comes out when asked if it is the best in the country and does not hesitate to say yes. Before long and has three subtitles: Bolivarian Games Open Championship in Orlando (USA) and Pan American teams.

Experts say those who drive and Juan Martin is risky and does not fear the most dangerous twists although known to mount a table at high speed in the water and maintain the position is not easy. “It takes a lot of tranquility, have enough physical and extensive preparation.’s Why my favorite activities are to practice wakeboarding trampoline, swimming and skateboarding, which help me to have a good balance and make perfect jumps.”

Juan Martin wants stamp his own signature to every trick and let the creativity flow. He knows the route to keep up is the hardest.


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