2014 Boardshorts Preview

Questions answered by Designer Warren Ellison

Liquid Force Designer Warren Ellison

What’s the single biggest change for next year’s line?

We want to Modernize our presentation so that we are pushing with our clothing as much as we are pushing with our boards & bindings. That, and we want to Emphasize FUN, which is the single reason we’re around.

What features are you adding/upgrading for your ’14 line?

Lots of little changes – I think one of the most noticeable is that we’re offering some of our new Boardies in shorter lengths that will sit above the knee.

What inspired these changes?

There are only so many times you can watch a guy fiddle with his shorts every time he stands up.

How do you breakdown the categories in your boardshort line? Has this changed at all?

There is a lot of diversity across the line, and we want to offer some more fun directional styles this year. The shorts are all different – Prints, lengths, fabrics & styling.. We’re making what we think is cool.

How much of your line can be described as “technical”, “classic”, and “hybrid”? Which of those “categories” are doing the best for you?

We’re still offering Hybrid shorts – We’ve been doing pretty well with these, so we’re going to be updating this category. As for the rest of the shorts I’d like to think we’re going more for “modern” than “classic” or “technical” Some of the overly-technical stuff can really increase cost, and I don’t like the idea of anything getting too expensive. I’m from South Africa, & I want to make every pair affordable for people, no matter where they’re at.

Are you seeing major growth in the demand for hybrid boardshorts?

It seems to be that way for us. I feel its an important category, and there is much to be explored there.

On the technical end, what innovations are you bringing to market and what makes these stand out?

We have a couple little tricks up our sleeves..

Are your prices trending up, down, or staying flat?

Prices will be trending down slightly.

What color stories are you going to be hitting on?

In the spirit of FUN there will be some mega bright neon pops, and we will also be introducing some washed out colors on the more directional styles.

Where did you find your inspiration for next year’s line?

Inspiration is everywhere – Its hard to miss it! I’ve been traveling a bit lately – For me, nothing beats that. Travel, go out, and get away from behind the computer screen. Everyone is different, but thats the recipe that works best for me.

What’s the latest for waistbands, closures, hem lengths and design pattern lines?

I’m afraid you’ll have to wait to see the line to get those answers!

Will there be any changes in delivery dates?

Everything will be shipped sooner.

Hybrid, tech, and retro have been the big trends for the last couple seasons – what do you predict will sweep the scene next?

I think that we will keep seeing evolutions of these 3, & I think that we’re going to see an increase in novelty prints – One of a kind stuff you wouldn’t expect thats a little out there, that make you laugh.

Anything else you’d like to hit on?

I’d like to hit the lip at the wave down the road from my house – So gotta run! Thanks!


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