#LFTripAcrossAmerica starts tomorrow!!

Tomorrow kicks off the first day of the LF Trip Across America!!! For one week this summer, team Liquid Force will be pounding the pavement, driving all over this fine country of ours, and coming to a town near you! We’ll be hosting a ton of demo’s, BBQ’s, regional contest and activities all throughout the US! Click on the map @ http://liquidforce.com/taa/ to see who and where we’ll be in your area!

We’ll be doing a TAA X Deuce Brand photo contest giveaway, and will pick one lucky winner from each region for the most epic shot taken on the trip!! So be sure to tag all your photos throughout your personal journey at ?#?LFTripAcrossAmerica? and let us know where you’re riding, as we’ll be doing the same!!

Stoked to see you on the road this July 13-21, just remember that we’re not here for a long time, we’re here for a good time…


Twitter: @liquidforcetaa Instagram:liquidforcetaa

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