Tom Fooshee reigns supreme at his home park.

All photography: Ben Jacob

The final rounds of the second stop of the Wake Park Triple Crown went off at TSR on Saturday and local hero Tom Fooshee held onto his crown in more ways than one. Two, actually. The man simply known as The King won both the Men’s Pro Cable and the Men’s Pro Features events, firmly entrenching himself at the top for the overall Triple Crown title. Tom’s dominance wasn’t the only highlight of the weekend though. The Aussie cable contingent made a lot of noise in the pro men’s and women’s divisions. Young Aaron Gun took second place in the Pro Features divisions and Sophie Hogben showed off her signature style by snagging second in the Women’s Features. Fellow Aussie lady shredder Courtney Angus took second in the Women’s Cable and first in Women’s Features. Other standouts from the weekend included OWC’s own Tracy Baynham and the incomparable Angelica Schreiber. On the men’s side TSR local Sam Scoggins snagged third in both pro men’s divisions with solid, stylish riding.

The weekend was full of entertainment and the fans were treated to all kinds. From demos with the Slingshot lineup of boards, to checking out the killer green and black Nautique G23 on site, to interacting with all the riders, to the great beverage deals at the onsite Wahoo’s – there was lots to do and enjoy at TSR during the whole WPTC event. It was only fitting amongst all the fun that the local with all the worldwide wins added a couple more at his home cable. Caps off to the one-and-only Tom Fooshee.

Tom doubling down off the big kicker

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