Russian Cable Wakeboarding Championships

Almaz Smilecooloff (Open Men) – 1 place

Nikita Terskov (Junior Men) – 2 place
Nikita Terskov:
The competition was held in the usual all-IN club.

For the third year Russian Championship is held on the winch and the organization of this happy again ;)
I spoke in the category junior. We had 15 riders in qualifying we were divided into two groups of 8 and 7 people.
Of training went out first, making the net, but not the strongest my driveway. In the end we left 8. The first attempt rode clean, but instead conceived Back Roll Blib with the flat, made a normal Back Roll and it did not stop after the first attempt to become the first in the second run all the guys are well traveled, and I fell on the Back Roll Blind, who on this important day in I do not go: (I ended up second.

Vika Sosulina (Open Lady) – 2 place
Victoria Sosulin:
For me personally, the Czech Republic was in a very nervous situation. But not because I’m nervous about the competition. Here I have long learned to cope with their fears. Just before the final race I had to endure it seems the worst night of my life. On the way home my car broke down at the same time and the phone! But in spite of all this is the final I skated well. Made entirely conceived program that: sw backroll revert, sw blind judge, frontflip, fs360, noseslide, sw boardslide to fs boardslide. But, unfortunately, the judges considered the execution of tricks is not very clean and I was only the second. But now I have work to do, I will try to do all of the above and cleaner. And I really want to thank my sponsors for giving Staf, te ability to develop, support and understanding!

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