2013 Reader’s Choice – VOTE OBSCURA!!


While “Wakeskater of the Year” may sound like the ultimate year-end achievement, it’s also the most vague. After all, how exactly do you judge who has made the single biggest impact on wakeskating in the last 365 days? Is it the new guy who has made everyone rethink their go-to tricks? Is it the established pro who has stayed true to their steady progression and productivity? The most creative rider or the gnarliest? The most technical or the most consistent? Is it the traveler, the worker, the young gun, or the veteran? It’s not so easy when you start to consider it. Fortunately we are in this great stage of wakeskating that is made up of a community both tight enough and smart enough to make this decision collectively. We decided this was our chance at a little bit of democracy.

You see, here at WSM we have our hand firmly on the day-to-day movements of the wakeskate world (it’s kind of our job). We’ve interviewed and featured riders from all over the world, we’ve watched them struggle and succeed in the contest scene and we’ve had some of the gnarliest full-length videos to date drop this year. But the overall impression of a year’s worth of wakeskating can be a bit more slippery to get a hold of. Perhaps we’re over saturated. Whatever it is, it seems like the truest telling of who should be Wakeskater of the Year would be represented best by the will of the people.

So with a slew of names to consider and an amazing year behind us, we have decided this year to leave the Wakeskater of the Year decision to a public vote. After all, none of this would be possible without all the enthusiastic wakeskaters out there that have lent their support throughout the last year! It’s your turn. Take some time, consider the last twelve months as a whole, maybe watch a couple old videos and talk with your homies, then cast your vote to be a part of naming WSM’s 2013 Wakeskater of the Year.
If you don’t’ see a name on there, drop it in the comments and we’ll add it! Voting closes when the ball drops on New Year’s.
The winner will be announced live at our awards ceremony on January 10th, 2014 at Dive Bar in Orlando, Florida.
See you there!


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