Behind the Shot – Shawn Watson


This Ad campaign was a fun and interesting one to shoot for. For starters the action side of the shoot was such a fun riding session and we got some really cool photos. Bob, Shane, Collin and I took my Nautique G23 out to Lake Butler in Orlando to get some different scenery and deep water which juiced the wake up. It was the 1st time I got to ride my 2014 setup and I loved the way it looked on the water, so it made me even more pumped to get my shred on!

The lifestyle side of the shoot was the interesting part, I was asked if the entire team could come over to my house for an evening shoot in my pool. I saw some weird stuff go down between Bob, James Balzer and Aaron Reed that not many people will see lol. I was he last person to shoot that night to let everyone else get back home, the downfall to doing so was that the pool was clear for the 1st few riders but by the time I got into the water it was pretty murky and made it difficult to shoot, we weren’t about to set the shoot up to another night for just me so we just went along with it and made it work. Was fun for everyone to show their personalities and to see the outcome later on down the road!

- Shawn Watson

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