Behind the Shot – Raph Derome


I was so pumped to get this new board in the mailbox. I had been riding the same shape for years and it was just so refreshing to get this new shape that fits my riding. I called Yan Roy and the next evening we were on the water shooting. I have been shooting with Yan at my place for quite a bit and sunset in the background was our bread and butter. But on that day, it was cloudy and raining on and off, it had been raining like that for over 3 days. We tried to use flashes and we did tried to shoot on the kicker and on that relentless rail. I was only blunting the rail ollieing from the outside as the flashes were on that side. I rode for quite a bit and we ended up racking some good shots. It was a good evening!

- Raph Derome

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