Behind the Shot – Danny Hampson


This Ad was shot during the middle of the summer at pretty much the most hectic time of the year for me. I remember only really having one day to link up with Letchworth to shoot it. Andrew Fortenberry and I went over to Harley Clifford’s house to shoot and the weather was perfect. I always love shooting with Josh and I remember the wake being really good that day. I kind of just went out and rode and
remembered having a good set and being pumped. I flew to Nationals the next day and remember feeling really confident going into that contest from the shooting we had gotten done.

For the lifestyle shot in the pool Letchworth and I have always had a go to move together of me using the shush sign. You know it’s secretive and seductive. What am I hiding? I’m just happy after all the times we have tried it this one got published. I’m pumped on the Ad and big thanks to everyone!!

- Danny Hampson

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