Champions Crowned in 13 Divisions at Nautique Wake Games Day Three

Pro Riders Set the Stage for Dramatic Final Day of Competition


Orlando, Fla. — Top honors were bestowed upon 13 athletes who earned division championships at day three of the Nautique Wake Games presented by Rockstar. The world’s best wakeboarders, in the Pro Men and Pro Women divisions, also held highly competitive quarterfinal and semifinal heats respectively paving the way for a dramatic final day of action tomorrow at Orlando Water Sports Complex.

The Pro Men wasted no time unleashing a fury of progressive tricks off the G23’s massive wake. Heralded rookie and Nautique team rider, Noah Flegel, rose to the top of his heat with a textbook run that meshed huge aerials with technical grabs and a trademark style, showing judges the teenager belongs in the big leagues. To claim the heat win, Flegel’s first as a pro, he had to edge out veteran rider and fellow Nautique team rider JD Webb, who’s second place finish still secured him a spot in tomorrow’s semifinals
The Pro Women continued to display excellent riding at the Nautique Wake Games with two neck-to-neck heats today. Nautique team rider, Meagan Ethell has positioned herself as the favorite heading into tomorrow’s finals with a mind boggling semifinals run that included an full arsenal of precise airs, on-point rail riding and flawlessly executed grabs.
The amateur ranks awarded championship trophies to 13 division winners today including: Cobe France (Junior Men), Tim Pitschke (Masters), Matt Vermillion (Veterans), Sam Brown (Boys), Gabriel Benetton (Junior Boys), Tyler Sommer (Amateur Wake Skate), Kat Laird (Veterans Women), Stacey Chrisman (Masters Women), Kyla Hendrick (Junior Girls), Zahra Kell (Girls), Xavier Olea Vorhauer (Junior Boys Beginner), Drew Drennan (Boys Beginner), Connor Aguilar-Poggetto (Adaptive Sitboarding),
Unique to Wake Games, this event also includes a team competition element. 10 pre-selected pro riders serve as team captains and hosted a live draft after yesterday’s competition consisting of the 90 remaining athletes who advanced past the initial qualifying rounds. Over the course of the final two days of competition, the athletes compete in their respective divisions, which are separated by age, sex and skill level, while contributing points toward a team score based on their individual placement in that division. The winner will be determined based upon tomorrow’s final results.
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Day Three Results (Riders in Bold Advance)

Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 2
1. Shota Tezuka 80.00

2. Stephen Pierce 74.00

3. Dean Smith 69.33

4. David O’Caoimth 63.33

5. Jeff House 53.33

Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 4
1. Harley Clifford 88.33

2. Josh Twelker 83.33

3. Steel Lafferty 73.33

4. Aaron Rathy 66.67

5. Darin Shapiro 40.00

Pro Men – Quarterfinals Heat 6
1. Phillip Soven 76.67

2. Shawn Watson 70.00

3. Jimmy LaRiche 67.00

4. Oli Derome 63.33

5. Sam Carne 53.33

Pro Women – Semifinals Heat 1
1. Meagan Ethell 80.00

2. Raimi Merritt 70.00

3. Dallas Friday 65.00

4. Tarah Mikacich 60.00

5. Melissa Marquardt 53.33

Pro Women – Semifinals Heat 2
1. Amber Wing 71.00

2. Nicola Butler 66.67

3. Rebecca Gange 61.67

4. Chloe Mills 56.67

5. Larisa Morales 50.00

Junior Pro Men – Semifinals Heat 2
1. Cory Teunissen 92.75

2. Jason Soven 89.00

3. Gunner Daft 86.75

4. Jorge Gill 69.25

5. James Loisel 62.25

Junior Men – Finals
1. Cobe France 85.00

2. Guenther Oka 80.33

3. Jorge Alberto Perez Gordillo 73.33

4. Bryce Corrand 65.67

5. Tyler Sommer 60.00

6. Austin Ferguson 45.00

Junior Boys – Finals
1. Gabriel Benetton 73.33

2. Daniel Johnson 66.67

3. Taiga Takamura 50.00

Girls – Finals
1. Zahra Kell 85.00

2. Alice Virag 73.33

3. Chiara Virag 60.00

4. Sarah Deary 51.67

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