Pro Wakeskate Semifinals, Debut of G21

Highlight Day Two at Nautique Wake Games


Orlando, Fla. — The spotlight shined on the world’s best Pro Men wakeskaters, who were among the first athletes to ride behind the all new Super Air Nautique G21 in competition, at day two of the Nautique Wake Games presented by Rockstar. Also in the water today were top athletes competing across 16 divisions, spanning all age and skill levels, including Men’s I wakeboard and Amateur Women’s wakeboard.
The contingent of Pro Men wakeskaters wasted no time taking advantage of the G21’s clean wake. The riding level was exceptional across the field, with Reed Hansen registering the day’s pinnacle performance. The perfect shape of the wake created a personal launch ramp for Hansen, who in turn touched on all cylinders of high performance riding with a run that featured wake-to-wake airs, highly skilled grabs with his signature smooth style. James Balzer was also in prime form with a clean run that earned him first place in the second Pro Men wakeskate heat of the day.
Unique to Wake Games, this event also includes a team competition element. 10 preselected pro riders will serve as team captains and host a live draft this evening consisting of the 90 remaining athletes who advanced past the initial qualifying rounds. The captains will form teams from the 24 professional and amateur divisions. Over the course of the final two days of competition, the athletes will compete in their respective divisions, which are separated by age, sex and skill level, while contributing points toward a team score based on their individual placement in that division. The team with the highest collective score will win the overall title. All 24 divisions will crown an individual winner as well.
Day Two Results (Riders in Bold Advance)

Pro Men Wakeskate – Semifinals Heat 2
1. James Balzer 70.00

2. Danny Hampson 60.00

3. Brandon Thomas 56.67

4. Austin Polterock 48.33

5. Cristobal Mendez 36.67

Junior Men – Semifinals Heat 5

1. Guenther Oka 75.00

2. Lorenzo Soprani 55.00

3. Hector Morales 43.33

Junior Boys – Semifinals Heat 1

1. Gabriel Benetton 75.00

2. Daniel Johnson 66.67

3. Taiga Takamura 50.00

Girls – Semifinals Heat 2
1. Zahra Kell 81.67

2. Hollie Waldrop 66.67

3. Alice Virag 51.67

4. Piper Harris 36.67

5. Sofia Mendez 36.67

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