Obscura Dropfest

Obscura Dropfest 2014 – powered by System 2.0 – presented by Relentless Energy

During the legendary WakeUp Camp in Langenfeld, the first ever Obscura Dropfest went down as the first of it’s kind in Germany.

From a starting pool 5ft. above lake level, pulled by Sesitec’s System 2.0, riders would either use one of the two Hubbas, or the drop into the lake. Designed by Germany’s most famous wakeskaters Andy Kolb and Lukas Suess, the setup would allow for the best wakeskating.

Twenty Wakeskater provided a thrilling show in front of hundreds of spectators.

Besides germany’s wakeskate elite consisting of: Andy Kolb, Lukas Suess, Jan Kissmann, Frederik Küpper, Moritz Thiele Jan Grabski, Marcel Tilwitz and the local heroes Tim and Andy Schwiertz Gnidowski, Daniel Grant the Thai wunderkind showed up to show his raw but technical riding.

In qualification and semifinals each rider had 5 attempts of which the best 3 counted. Tim auf dem Graben (Organisation): “This format makes consistency one of the crucial factors. Plus the audience will witness many stuck tricks. In the final, it was then six trials of which 3 were counted.

The four finalists were: Jan Kissmann, Moritz Thiele, Marcel Tilwitz and Daniel Grant. Marcel Tilwitz convinced alongside other technical tricks by his Bigspin front board and secured the third place behind Jan Kissmann with a switch bs 360 shuvit and front lip shuvit. However unbeatable was Daniel Grant. His highlights were a Bigspin boardslide, a switchback lip and a switch frontlip Bigspin.

Daniel Grant in the interview: “It was awesome to have a contest on the first legit wakeskate setup in Germany. It was cool that so many people came out. Everyone was stoked on wakeskating. And it turned out really good for me.”

Obscura Dropfest results:

1. Daniel Grant

2. Jan Kissmann

3. Marcel Tilwitz

Langenfeld, 6/10/2014

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