Dominic Lagace diary #2 Mexico


After an awesome time in Quebec It was time to come back to Mexico, my destination was the lake of Tequesquitengo located about 2 hours from Mexico City, Tequesquitengo is a lake located outside south Mexico City close to Cuernavaca, its one of the 4 touristic destinies of the Spring of mexico, they got incredible nice weather all year long, super warm, the lake is not so big so get super flat in the mornings and during the week there is not many people.
From the lake we can see the volcano the bigger in Mexico and one of the most active volcanos in the world, call Popocatépetl is a hyperactive volcano, and Mexico’s most hyperactive one. Its a vacation place for the local rich people from Mexico, a lot of wakeboarding, and boat action everywhere , for the first wakesurf contest in Mexico, the AWS, also I catch up with my girlfriend at the airport,making come to this event more funŠ When we arrive to Mexico City the weather was horrible, super cool, rainy and people was telling us that it was crazy raining everyday, but as soon as we hit the lake the warm weather came back, and the sun was with us every single day since there.

The location for the event was great, with 4 amazing and brand new Tige Boats the RZR, the Z3, Z1 and the brand new Tige ASR, (I think this was the one at the inauguration at Reno) all of them for the event.

Tige in Mexico is super new, Promarine the dealer is super stoke and he wants to sell a lot of boats down here they just realize their store at the beautiful lake in valle de Bravo close to Mexico City.

The organizations of this event make a great job, with TV spots, radio announcements, big signs in the principals roads, we arrive just in time when they was trying the boats, everyone can go and try to surf behind the boat they want, so everyone was super happy.
The hotel where the event was is call the Master Club at Tequesquitengo, is big, and have a great pool area, big restaurant and green fields, the ambiance was great.

The sport in Mexico is super new, I was the one that bring it 4 years ago when me and my girlfriend came for the first time to this lake to hang out with the Mexican Wakeboar Mafia Crew, they are wakeaboarders super cool from Mexico, and at that time nobody never wakesurfs, so is super cool to me came back for their first wakesurf event they just love it.

The level of course is not super high since is new for them, so I could see amazing stuff in their runs, things that I never seen before like a boy with some tennis balls doing malabares, and acrobatic stuff, I judge the event and I was really fun, and even when is new the sport it was more than 40 riders that attend the event.
It was a honor to me to be their pro rider, judge , and the inauguration of the first event of the AWS in Mexico, it was an opening ceremony, with speech and everything. it was cool.

The saturday it was the contest, they bring a big ballon with gas, it was indo board contest, paddle contest, and (clavados contest.. so everyone have a blast..
The media was there too, I give a few interviews and sign a bund of boards, it was super cool to see a lot of my pro model boards from Liquid Force, in their differents editions, and seem that people really like it..

The sunday we could relax and we start to celebrate my birthday with a BBQ at the pool, a DJ, amazing hamburgers and friends, we was also celebration the birthday of the organization f the eventŠ so it was really fun.

The next day was my birthday, and since there I was almost in vacations, I got a boat for myself to train for the next 10 days, and we could start at the TX Hotel, the lovely hotel boutique of one of our friends call Alberto
Miranda and his wife, they treat us super well, all their staff was great with Marina and I, we meet before and we start in this same place to it was like bean at home for a while, we got the boat parking on the lake so we could go to the boat what ever we feel like it.

I am a morning person so everyday when the water was the most flat ever, I get to train, and filming with my GoPro, during the week in this lake there is not so many boats so I could find amazing water everyday.
We got the perfect set up, the boat, the lake, the hotel, the food and Marina and I. We had an amazing time, the weather here is crazy hot, it almost feel like a beach weather, and the ager of this lake is very salty too.

So a big thanks to the AWS, Tige Boats, Promarine, Tx Hotel, Ride for life, for the hospitality and fun.

Hi-5 Dom Lagace

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