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Performance ski & surf 1st Anniversary Party


This Wednesday April 23rd, come join us as we celebrate our 1st Anniversary in our new store! Not only are we are firing up the grills once again, but we are also serving up some serious deals on Boards, Boots and alot more. Heres some of whats “on the menu”!
* 99.99 BOARDS, BOOTS, SKATES & MORE! We are blowing out a huge assortment of overstock gear….You DON’T want to miss out on this one!
* FREE FOOD FROM YOUR FRIENDS @ LIQUID FORCE!! The crew at LF is firing up their grills once again…so come by and grab a burger or hotdog with all your favorite pro riders & factory reps!
* FREE PRIZES & GIVEAWAYS THROUGHOUT THE NIGHT! Danny “Dano The Mano” Amir will be on hand with plenty of free swag from Performance, Ronix, Rockstar, Hyperlite and more!
* BUY 1, GET 1 HALF OFF ON ALL SURFWEAR! Come save huge on the latest mens, womens & jr surfwear and swimsuits. Everything in the shop is on sale during the sale…so grab a deal on some of the summer’s hottest fashions!
* NAUTIQUE WAKE GAMES REGISTRATION: Attention all riders, come by the shop between 6:00 and 9:00 PM to register for the 2014 Wake Games.

AND A LOT MORE!…….Make sure you come by and check out everything happening during our 1st Anniversary Celebration!

Scratch the itch – by Derek Cook

Itchy and scratchy with Collin Harrington. Photo: Jason Lee

If you’re reading this article anywhere in the northern hemisphere it is probably still winter. And if you live anywhere in the U.S. outside of Florida your boat has probably been put away until spring comes. Let’s been honest – you’ve most likely got a serious itch to ride and and all that ice and snow outside only makes it worse. So the question is, what should you do during the time you’re off the water to stay motivated for your wake season – and to hopefully help alleviate some of that incessant itching.

I’m a big fan of board sports. I like to skateboard and snowboard when I’m not on my wakeboard. In my opinion the three overlap in different ways, which allows me to take influences from one and apply them to another. I also think the physical skills can overlap and help with progression. While the edge control and body movements can be very different from one to the other, there are some basic principles and balance that can transfer between all the board sports. Truthfully,… Read the article


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