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2015 BROstock Charity Golf Tournament


Liquid Force is pleased to host the 4th Annual BROstock Charity Golf Tournament at Tan Tar A Resort – May 28th, 2015

The tournament has a noon shotgun start to kick-off BROstock’s weekend festivities in the BROzarks with a 9-hole fun filled event. Three Joe’s will be teamed up with one wakeboard Pro to complete four-somes. It’s your opportunity to hang out with the same pro’s competing in the wakeboard contest over the weekend! Each BROstock sponsor will have their own theme’d hole, so you know there will be plenty of fun to be had! You’ll have the chance to win a brand new Axis boat on hole #2 with a hole in one, so start practicing! The event is limited to 18 groups, first come first serve, so call your buddies and sign up today!

Registration is really easy, just call the pro-shop at (573) 348-8535 or send an email with your info to

We’ll follow up the tournament with a 10th hole after party at Nautie Fish!

Cost: $125 per person

Golf Tournament Entry
BROstock Swag Bag
BROstock T-shirt
BROstock LTD New Era Cap

Help Needed @ Jibtopia


For those who haven’t heard, we are offering a work/trade opportunity for the upcoming 2015 season including free riding and a place to stay! We’ve already spoken to several eligible applicants so contact us immediately if you may be interested in joining our team this summer or for more details.

Check out real testimonials from each person who came to the park last season on our website under the drop-down tab “work-trade testimonials.”

Additional information
What we offer: Free place to stay, one free meal daily, anything purchased from our Bar & Grill at cost, cable and dirt bike riding time accordingly in exchange for working at Jibtopia Wake Park. Examples of jobs would be cable operators, property maintenance, cooks, bar staff, office personnel, and many more positions. We can’t wait to hear from you!

(Our contact is on our website or via Facebook message)

5 Moments that Helped Shape Who I Am As a Rider – Raph



Getting the Liquid Force Flex board and choosing to ride it when stiff boards were still the shit. This blew my mind to see all the possibilities that had just been created, put simply the moment I rode this board, the door that was opened to me due to the flex of this board was defining. It definitely pushed my riding and helped my progression.


It’s crazy how that system has helped not just my riding but also my career. I had a lot of ideas but didn’t realise how much I needed it before it arrived – to build and hit all the stuff I wanted. And then riding it helped me a tonne on rails. The timing was just perfect.


Watching the Pointless movie. These guys were ahead of their time: Nick Weinacker, Danny Harf, Shawn Watson, Erik Ruck, Chad Sharpe, Parks Bonifay, Shane Bonifay and Brian Grubb. I watched that movie and to me, that is what wakeboarding was or was supposed to be. I knew that was the way to go.

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