LF’n Awesome Canada


One of the aspects of LF’n Awesome that makes it really unique is visiting some of the home countries/riding spots of each of the international riders in the video. Raph Derome is from an area just out side of Montreal and his home setup is as unique as they come. The property consists of a boat lake, a smaller park lake with a two-way cable, a boat house / bunk house, a gas station, and a go kart track that his family owns and operates.

Bob Soven, Daniel Grant, and Nico Von Lerchenfeld headed to Raph’s homeland to ride his setups (and build some of their own) back in August of 2014. As fate would have they encountered some rainy, cold weather, but that just made the go kart track that much more fun. Raph also took the guys to his local hockey rink to try to teach them some of his nation’s pastime. If they hadn’t filmed one second of wakeboarding it would have been worth it from the hilarity that took place during those couple of hours on the ice.

Ultimately what came out of the filming from Canada were some unique rails (banana slides, anyone?) that created some sketchy lines, plus a lot of fun. And of course, poutine. If you haven’t had poutine, just Google it, you’ll want some.

On trips like these we always end up with more photos than we know what to do with. Here are some of our favorites from the LF’n A trip to Raph’s house.



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