Republ1c Domain – William Klang, Sophie & Friends

REPUBL1C DOMAIN full movie from Justin Loiselle on Vimeo.

REPUBL1C DOMAIN – a wakeboard film by Justin Loiselle

Produced by Lray Villafuerte
Starring Ben Leclair / William Klang / John Broer / Maxine Sapulette / Sophie Hogben / Graeme Burress and more.

A movie about a group of riders who share the passion and dedication to push wakeboarding to greater heights. Lray Villafuerte, popularly known in the wakeboard community as " The Gov " built CWC in 2006 in the Philippines and became the inspiration for wakeparks around the world. Now he's building Republ1c wakepark with innovative features from REPUBL1C RAILS that pushes the sport and producing a new breed of riders with a distinctive style of riding. REPUBL1C is the only company in the world with experience in setting up wakeparks, building rails and obstacles and most recently producing wakeboards, all in one roof. By following his vision, Lray not only changed the wakeboarding industry, but also helped change the CamSur economy. This is REPUBL1C DOMAIN, where progression through innovation and passion comes to life!

Liquid Force at 20 Years

Liquid Force at 20 Years: a conversation

If 20 years ago you had told Tony Finn and Jimmy Redmon, the co-founders of Liquid Force, that their fledgling wakeboard brand would eventually become the largest in the sport, they probably would have said, “well yea, it should be!” Then Tony would have given you his signature larger-than-life laugh and tried to sell you a board. It is that kind of fun, confident irreverence that has built LF into what it is today. The history of Liquid Force really can’t be put into words; it’s full of too many unbelievable circumstances and twists of fate, not to mention the requisite blood, sweat, tears and a lot of really good times and blurry nights. But it can be summed up in one word: FUN. No doubt if you’ve been a fan of wakeboarding at all over the past 20 years, Liquid Force has played some sort of role in your views and attitudes about the sport. At the root of everything LF is the desire to help wakeboarding grow, and to help those involved have fun doing it. From Trips Across America, to Slide Show rail jams, to Free4All events, and of course, BROstock, Liquid Force has made wakeboarding more fun for a lot people, even if you’re not riding one of their boards. Could anyone have predicted that 20 years later LF would be where they are today? Of course not, but we can predict that for the next 20 years the employees and riders who make up LF’s DNA will continue to have fun, while encouraging you to join in with them.

Editor’s Note: This article appears in the June issue of Alliance Wake. We couldn’t fit everything from our awesome conversation with LF’s Big Wigs, so we’ve got it all here (along with some extra photos) for you to check out.


20 years in 20 words
Bill McCaffray: 20 Years of LF in 20 words?
Tony Finn: All we wanted to do was spread the stoke of wakeboarding and hopefully we’ve been pretty successful doing that.
BM: Aaron (Grace)? Your lifetime of Liquid Force in 20 words or less?
Aaron Grace: I’ve been fortunate enough to work with the two guys that started the whole sport and I’m grateful for that. And like Tony said, spreading the stoke. (laughs)
Don Wallace: My turn? I’d say in 20 years it’s a bunch of knuckleheads having fun, making products, for people.
TF: You’re totally right about the knucklehead part (laughs).

Best Athletes
BM: Speaking of knuckleheads, who are some of your favorite athletes you’ve worked with?
JR: Gregg Necrason.
DW: Me too. It’s funny, I knew this question would come up, and we had some difficult times with Gregg over the years. But he was the guy when I first started – and I started a year and-a-half after LF was born – and I wasn’t a pro wakeboarder or anything and here I am tossed into this team management position. All the team riders were giving me grief and more or less hazing me, but Gregg was the one that didn’t, and he was arguably our best guy at the time. I always from that point on was just stoked on him and the contributions he made to LF and the sport. I could list about 20 favorites, but Gregg is the guy I’d name if somebody made me pick one.


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