The Top Male Wakeboarders category was unchanged in the top spot, but the #2 spot went to a rider that has never before appeared anywhere in the Riders Choice Awards; Brad Smeele. If you don’t already know, Brad suffered a spinal cord injury earlier this summer and has been paralyzed from the neck down ever since. Brad is an amazing rider, so not only is his #2 position a great tribute, but it’s also well-deserved. The rest of the top 10 is a reshuffling of last year’s results other than the ouster of Shaun Murray in favor of Steel Lafferty.

The only rider that was mentioned in three categories for 2014 (four if you count his pro model wakeskate) is Daniel Grant. He has a spot as a Top Male Wakeboarder, Top Wakeskater and got the trophy for Rail Rider of the Year. However, Daniel relinquished his Cable Rider of the Year from 2013 and Tom Fooshee has taken over that award.

Now let’s move on from riders to products. This year’s Wakeboard of the Year remains in the hands of the most popular name in the Riders Choice Awards with the Liquid Force Harley grabbing the honor for the fourth year in a row.


KC Watersports Relentless Weekend!


Relentless is all about enjoying the sport of wakeboarding, progressing your riding & having a great time! The pros ride with the locals, the industry partners and they ALL team up and ride together on different teams. Everybody tries to learn new tricks and it’s just really fun, no stress atmosphere!

The weekend is packed with demonstrations, competitions, giveaways, and much, much more! Be sure to mark you calendars for an amazing weekend!

Entry fee: With the purchase of an All Day Pass or 2014 Season Pass the entry fee is just $10! That includes coaching from a Pro Athlete, a Tee Shirt & a day full of fun!
Relentless Weekend Passes
-Weekend Pass – include riding on Friday, Saturday, Sunday. Also includes entry into the competition & T-shirt. Just $60
-2014 Kansas & Classic Season Pass holders pay just $15 for the competition, this includes a T-Shirt
-If you have purchased 10 pack any day, you pay just $15 and will receive 1 entry into the competition and 1 T-shirt for the competition

Weekend Schedule

Friday September 26, 2014
Noon-6pm Open Riding
6 PM BBQ & meet and greet

Saturday September 27, 2014
Noon – 1 PM Open Riding
1 PM Teams are picked & practice begins
4 PM Competition Starts
6 PM Awards ceremony & product give away

Sunday September 28th, 2014
Noon-6pm Open Riding

For more information, click HERE!

2014 RAPH HYBRID – Wakeboarding Magazine

The 2014 Raph Hybrid by Liquid Force was a lot of fun to test for our July Editor’s Pick. Be sure to check this thing out. You won’t be disappointed. Check one out at a pro shop near you!

Gear: Editor’s Pick | Words: Brandon Judd | Photo: Bill Doster



This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill cable board — although, at first glance, I could see why you might say that, but let me explain. Liquid Force has been in front of the cable boom for years with its wide array of hybrid boards. Since the Raph Hybrid’s construction and visual appearance is similar to other boards in its line, one could write it off as just another hybrid board. Let me assure you that there is more to this board than you might think. I have ridden some of Liquid Force’s cable boards in the past, but after my first lap, I realized this one was different.

Right off the bat, there were a few features that made a noticeable difference in the board’s overall performance and feel. First, the entire perimeter of the board — especially in the tip and tail — is surprisingly thin. Most of the board’s mass is located closer to the center of the board, which resulted in less swing weight and an overall lighter feel on my feet while I rode. The thinned-out edges made me nervous about catching an edge at first, but that fear was quickly rendered groundless when I put it to the test. After taking a closer look, I noticed that this was because the rails are lifted slightly above the wear point on the base — just enough to prevent me from getting hung up on an imperfection in an obstacle, but not so much that it affected my edge control…Read the article