Axis is Better Than Ever For 2016!

Axis Wake’s 2016 updates include the all-new A20; our new hydraulic Surf Gate, part of the Axis Integrated Surf Platform (ISP); updated interface software; an upgraded helm, steering wheel, and windshield; a new Kicker stereo system; all-new Axis custom trailers; the new AW15 Tower Light Bar; and much more.

Loudon, TN | November 6, 2015 — Want pure performance and astonishing affordability? Then you want Axis Wake Research, the watersports towboat built by Malibu to be the absolute best, for the money, in the world. No one else gives you so much at such a great price.
For 2016, every boat is better than ever, but a few things have us especially excited:



The sickest 20-foot boat in watersports history is back, all-new, and ready to rumble. The new Axis A20 has been redesigned from the hull up for 2016. Renowned for its wicked agility and precision, this beast is easy on the bank account and built to shred better than ever, with a new wake-and-wave-maximizing hull, all-new interior, deeper storage, and an amazing array of across-the-board 2016 upgrades, leaving the competition far behind.

CEO Jack Springer is extremely excited to launch the all-new A20, especially considering it was already the absolute best 20-footer, for the money, in the world. “Our new A20 is unbeatable when it comes to the highest performance and quality at the best price,” says Springer. “We’ve redesigned it from the hull up to give entry-level customers a world-class 20-foot watersports towboat that no other company can match on the water. Make no mistake about it: there’s no other 20-foot offering that even begins to approach the quality and craftsmanship of the Axis A20. Get out there and see for yourself. It’s on another level.”
Unequaled access and agility are all yours with the A20. This wake specialist features incredible handling and premium vinyl seating for as many as 11 people, plus it’s easily towed and stashed in your average garage. Nowhere else will you find a go-anywhere, do-anything boat that, at this size, can still kick up such a massive wake—especially with our Auto-Set Wedge hydrofoil—and peel off monster waves with our revolutionary, hydraulic Surf Gate, the first and still best wave-making technology in the industry. And with the A20, there’s never any reason to fear the chop; this boat doesn’t get tossed around like others in its class, thanks to dialed ballast control, a cutting hull, and superior V-drive propulsion.



High performance is always yours with the Axis ISP, or Integrated Surf Platform.

For 2016, our Surf Gate gets full hydraulics, giving customers a fantastic ISP wake/surf system upgrade. Featuring our engineered hull designs, Triple Hard-Tank Ballast, fore and aft Plug ’n’ Play ballast, Auto-Set Wedge hydrofoil, and, of course, the new hydraulic Surf Gate, the Axis ISP is designed to deliver the ultimate watersports experience.



Coming standard on all 2016 Axis boats, our brand-new helm includes updated interface software, a sleek new windshield, and a new glove box, with upgrade options like our new Kicker stereo with Bluetooth. We’ve also streamlined our helm design for both aesthetics and functionality. And an upgraded steering wheel tops everything off beautifully.


Designed and built by Malibu’s team of expert artisans—with more than 100 years’ combined experience designing and building trailers under their belts—our brand-new, fully customizable Axis trailers are stylish, safe, and built to last. World-class craftsmanship is evident in every detail, and by bringing production in-house, as with our towers, we can increase and control quality while reducing costs.

What makes Axis trailers better than the rest? A few highlights: 1. Premium, industry-standard U.S. steel for all frame parts. 2. Jigs and fixtures used to create consistent weld and axle placement, eliminating margin of error and ensuring axles and crossmembers are precision-placed. 3. All trailers are produced through the same model-specific frame jig, ensuring that frames, steps, crossmembers, and axles are flat, straight, and square, which is especially important for axle location and squareness (affecting how well a trailer tows behind your vehicle) and crossmember/bunk-tab location (affecting how well your boat loads on your trailer). 4. Fender steps are fully welded to the trailer frame. Other manufacturers use a rubber bond at the top of the step and weld only at the bottom. 5. Top-quality DuPont urethane-based paints and primer used, with side-draft paint booths, to prevent overspray on two-tone trailers, and rotating carts, to ensure excellent coverage, coat thickness, and consistency. 6. Rear corners, where main frames meet propeller guard, are mitered instead of butt-welded, in order to provide better, stronger welds, improve weld aesthetics, and negate the need for an additional plate welded to the end of the main frame. 7. Tandem/tri-axle fenders have a center support brace to prevent the fender from bowing when stepped on.

Daniel Wins Tige’s MyWake Video Of The Year!


HUGE congrats out to Daniel Grant for winning Tige’s MyWake Video of the Year Challenge!

This kid worked is butt off this year, travelled all over the globe, won just about everything he entered, so it’s well deserved!

BIG congrats to Collin Harrington as well on another amazing film/edit project… great work boys!

Watch the full edit HERE!

2003 Alliance ROTY – Aaron Reed


Editor’s Note: Leading up to the announcement of the 2015 Rider of the Year we are re-releasing pieces of each of the past 14 ROTY articles from the magazine. 2003 was the year of the incomparable Aaron Reed. Read below to see way and stay tuned for more past ROTY articles as well as the announcement of the 2015 Rider of the Year.

Yes, it’s Aaron Reed. And if right now you’re asking yourself, “Who, exactly, is Aaron Reed again?” then yo8u’re probably not alone. The best question is, “What did he have this year on riders like Danny Harf and Parks Bonifay and Shawn Watson?” Hard had one of the better competitive seasons in wakeboarding, pulling back-to-back wins in the Gravity Games and Nationals for a $35,000-plus swing over the course of seven days, and catapulting himself across the invisible line that separates really good pro riders from superstars. And there’s always a strong case for Parks being the “Rider of the…” anything. There’s little doubt anymore that everyone considers him the overall best, and he kicked it up a notch this season innovating new moves off the double up, including a double back roll mobe. Watson was arguable “traditional wakeboarding” better than anyone else in the world at the beginning of 2003 (he was no slouch on sliders either). For the few months after he moved to Orlando in the spring, he was riding so smoothly it was hard to tell he was holding a rope.

But in the end it was Reed who stuck out. Like a dirty gym sock hanging on the wall of an art museum – you just could not deny his presence. There are many criteria we consider every year when we undertake our judgemental little task, among them are talent, media exposure, video parts, public sentiment, how much a rider has progressed over a course of 12 months, and how much they have done for the sport. If Aaron doesn’t come in first in all those categories, he’s damn close to the top in every one.

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