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The 2014 Raph Hybrid by Liquid Force was a lot of fun to test for our July Editor’s Pick. Be sure to check this thing out. You won’t be disappointed. Check one out at a pro shop near you!

Gear: Editor’s Pick | Words: Brandon Judd | Photo: Bill Doster



This isn’t just another run-of-the-mill cable board — although, at first glance, I could see why you might say that, but let me explain. Liquid Force has been in front of the cable boom for years with its wide array of hybrid boards. Since the Raph Hybrid’s construction and visual appearance is similar to other boards in its line, one could write it off as just another hybrid board. Let me assure you that there is more to this board than you might think. I have ridden some of Liquid Force’s cable boards in the past, but after my first lap, I realized this one was different.

Right off the bat, there were a few features that made a noticeable difference in the board’s overall performance and feel. First, the entire perimeter of the board — especially in the tip and tail — is surprisingly thin. Most of the board’s mass is located closer to the center of the board, which resulted in less swing weight and an overall lighter feel on my feet while I rode. The thinned-out edges made me nervous about catching an edge at first, but that fear was quickly rendered groundless when I put it to the test. After taking a closer look, I noticed that this was because the rails are lifted slightly above the wear point on the base — just enough to prevent me from getting hung up on an imperfection in an obstacle, but not so much that it affected my edge control…Read the article

National Points Chase

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Qualified Riders will compete for national titles in
Little Elm, TX at Hydrous Oct. 1st-5th, 2014

Registration is Open, Late fees begin Sept 7th
Registration Closes Sept 15th
Riders have been competing and qualifying since June, at 18 different parks across the United States. The top five riders from each park in seven different divisions have now earned a spot to compete at Hydrous Wakeparks October 1-5. Professional and amateur riders will compete in a traditional cable wakeboard format to win both individual and team titles for their home park. Amateur riders have already qualified through their local parks during the National Points Chase. Pro Riders may have qualified the same way or they may qualify through an opening round held on Friday 10/3.

Riders will compete for Individual and Team Titles!
(Qualifying not needed in 2014 – Open to Everyone)
Little Elm, TX at Hydrous Oct. 1st-5th, 2014

Registration is Open, Late fees begin Sept 21st
Registration Closes Oct 2nd
This year the National Points Chase is again hosting their own features only competition. NO Need to Qualify for this comp, Riders will register and compete individually but the team at NPC will keep track of team points. Each team will have to be associated with a full size or 2 tower park and will consist of one rider from 5 of the 6 individual categories: Pro Men, Open Men, Groms, Pro Women, Am Women, and Masters.

TENTATIVE SCHEDULE for both Comps: Click Here