LF Australia Present’s BOARDSTOCK


Boardstock is being held in December this year, the weekend immediately after the WWA World
Series Cable event at Thai Wake Park.
Boardstock is on December 20th – 21st and will be staged at Bli Bli Wake Park with international riders and over $10,000 in prizemoney and awards

Boardstock has divisions for everyone from Kids Club to pros.

It will include 4 separate events that will be run over the weekend and will each have
different ability and age divisions involved

Similar to events in the past this is a “jam style” event with multiple riders on the water at the
same time. It is an “obstacles only” event and will run all divisions from beginner Kids Club
standard up to Pro Mens and Womens
This is a “one hit wonder” contest where riders each get 3 attempts to land their
best trick off the kicker
This contest is based on traditional cable format where each rider is the only one
on the lake and gets 1 lap of the course to perform all the tricks they can
off the flatwater, kickers and obstacles. Limited divisions are held.
BI-LEVEL Pro Challenge
This will be held on the new bi-level lake at Bli Bli and is for pro divisions only –
Men, Women and skate

Proposed Schedule of Events
(Subject to possible change)

Saturday 7am – 10am : Traditional Cable Contest
Saturday 11am – 3pm : BI LEVEL Challenge
Saturday 4pm – 7pm : KING of KICKER

(Presentations of above events)

Sunday 7am – 11am : Liquid Force Rail Jam

(Presentations of above events)

Relentless Innovation… 20 Years of Liquid Force!


2015 is the 20 year mark for us here at Liquid Force… man the years have flown by! Fun to look back at this list of firsts through the years, lots of accomplishments that we’re proud of. Many amazing products past, present, and future! Big things are on the horizon! #LF20

1985 The FIRST Wakeboards… Skurfer and Redline Designs
1994 The FIRST twin tip Wakeboard… Flight 69
1996 The FIRST Women’s Specific Wakeboard… Nymph
1996 The FIRST Kid’s Specific Wakeboard… Mini Squirt
1996 The FIRST Non Rubber Wakeboard Binding… Super Suction
1997 The FIRST Multi-Fin Wakeboard… Trip
1998 The FIRST Performance Lightweight Wakeboard Binding… Ultra
2000 The FIRST Finless Wakeboard with Molded Side Fins… Helix
2000 The FIRST full-length Team Video produced in the Wake Industry… Wide Awake
2001 The FIRST CNC’d All-Wood Lightweight Performance Wake Boards… Ultracores
2001 The FIRST Sintered Grind Based Board… Grind 134
2002 The FIRST 3D CNC’d Concave Wakeskate… Cassette
2002 The FIRST Cupped Side Fins… Balance and Subjekt
2002 The FIRST Segmented CGA Vest is created… Hinge
2003 The FIRST Women’s specific Pro Model Boot is created… Minx
2004 The FIRST company to use sewn overlays tech on boots… Transit
2005 The FIRST hardware-less binding
2006 The FIRST modern day closed toe binding… Shane Boot
2008 The FIRST to mold sintered P-Tex to any base contours
2009 The FIRST Hybrid boards… combining flex with complex hull shapes
2009 The FIRST internal carbon stringered PVC core boards… FLY Series
2010 The FIRST elastomeric sidewalls… Liquid Rails
2010 The FIRST TRUE Hybrid is introduced (Watson), redefining all-terrain boards
2012 The FIRST wake company with M6 hardware
2012 The FIRST non-sewn binding assembly
2012 The FIRST Grind boards for groms… Nemesis and Star Grinds
2013 The FIRST Kids Hybrids for groms… Super Trip and Melissa 127
2013 The FIRST Hybrid Wakeskate… TAO

Wake Park Rider of the Year – Daniel Grant


You know you’re going to have a good year when you start it off with a section like Daniel Grant’s in The Debut. Of course, at this point we always expect Daniel Grant to have a good year. Many riders would feel accomplishment enough after a section like Daniel’s, but the kid-wonder from Thailand didn’t stop there. In fact, that was just his starting point. Daniel continued to progress and dominate in ways only he seemingly can. His tear through Europe included wins at FISE and Wake of Steel, along with a Big Air win at Rising High. Throughout the year he continued to drop web edits that showcased his talent, consistency, style, and versatility – be it wakeboarding or wake skating.

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