No Filter: Tom Fooshee


Alliance Wake: You’ve made a pretty awesome career by sticking to your guns and pushing the cable scene. Do you think cable is getting the respect it deserves?
Tom Fooshee: Absolutely! Cable was wakeboarding’s red-headed stepchild when I started riding it back in ’03/’04 and now it is something of the norm when you see/think of wakeboarding. Nowadays there are just as many professional park riders as their are in boat, and I would say the same goes as for first timers and amateurs also. There is a great amount of “high risk/high reward” in tricks and that can be done on the cable, so I believe that speaks for itself.

AW: Has the juice been worth the squeeze for you?
TF: I would say that I squeezed an orange and now I’ve got a screwdriver (laughs). I put in a lot of work, and I got more out of it than I expected and it also came with a punch. It has been above and beyond worth it. It might have been a bit of a fight, but it was a dream, and a dream come true. I have the utmost respect for what so many different riders are doing in park these days and the events that are held around the world. It is what I envisioned way back when, plus much more.

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Behind the Photo – Felix Georgii


This spring I ventured to Australia for the first time and what an experience it was. I have never been to a more laid back country; the motto could literally be “no worries.” Luckily for wakeboarding, Oz delivers a perfect escape for winter and that’s where I met up with German Felix Georgii. BliBli Cable park had just finished a wall ride with a creeper ledge for a contest and Felix was lucky enough to be able to session it first. Right away Felix knew what trick he wanted to shoot a photo of on it. I knew going into it that shooting long lens probably wouldn’t look the best because I would be shooting directly into the main cable park with wires and ropes going every direction. I decided to shoot wide angle from the landing side so Felix would be foot planting just in front of me. By shooting so low everything in the background would be hidden and the focus would be solely on Felix.

Felix sessioned the wall for about 20 minutes making sure we had the right extension of his foot off the wall. Also, keeping the rope and the nose out of his face was important too. Here are a few outtakes and the final photo that ended up running on the cover.

Camera Settings:
ISO: 160
Shutter: 1/1250th
F-Stop: F/4
Camera: Canon 1D Mark IV
Lens: Sigma 20mm F/1.4A
Flashes: 3x AlienBee 1600

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