Stoke comes in all shapes and sizes ... and makeups.

From the speed and lift of Harley’s new venturi-channeled Remedy, to the solid drive and launch from the deep clean molded in fins of the Raph’s RDX, we have the ultimate rides for the wakes you ride. Whether you’re looking for the finless freedom with control of Daniel’s latest Tao Hybrid or you’re just learning to rip at your local park on one of our Rant flex boards, Liquid Force offers the most choices to maximize your cable experience.

Relentless Innovation . . . It’s what we do to spread our stoke for riding to everyone around the world in all conditions. - Jimmy Redmon

To give you the choices to find your ultimate ride, Liquid Force continues the prototyping and new construction testing processes year round. We build boards for the youngest groms to progress at parks up to the biggest guys pushing their limits off the wake. We know Liquid Force has the ultimate board or boards for you to have the best time on the water, whether you’re at the cable, behind the boat, on a skate, or surfing the endless wave.


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Continuous Rocker

Smooth, predictable ride Flowing transitions into turns Long trajectory arc off the wake

Hybrid Rocker

Blends two curves together for improved performance Consistent feel through smooth center curve Increased curve through ends for higher arc into the air

Three Stage Rocker

Break in rocker curve for aggressive riding style Flatter center curve for speed & rail control Exaggerated exit angle through tip gives a bucking pop off wake
Liquid Force