Artists Series

For our 2020 Limited Edition Series we partnered with 6 different artists from around the globe and had them work with specific athletes from our team to develop the best LTD series to date. Each board has original artwork with $5 from each board sales going to support these independent artists to help them continue to create beautiful work. Now not only are these boards the best performing boards, they are also the best looking.

Skye Walker was born in Big Bear, California in 1978. His parents, Morris and Lynn Walker were musicians, entertainers, and artists. The Walker family, including Skye’s younger sister Amoris moved all over the country from California to Nevada to Hawaii to Colorado to Oregon. His parents enjoyed travel and adventure and experiencing new places with the kids as well as encouraging their interests in the arts. After receiving a BFA in Graphic Design in 2001 from Oregon State University, he packed his bags and surfboards and moved back to Southern California and headed straight to Encinitas. During his professional career as an artist and designed he’s worked in-house and on contract basis for companies such as: Rip Curl, Redsand, prAna, Dragon, Nike, Liquid Force, UCLA Athletics, and more. In 2011 Whole Foods contacted Skye about doing murals for their new Encinitas store, needless to say he was elated and it kick-started his passion for murals and large format art installations again, having painted dozens of murals in high school and college. Murals have become Skye’s main point of focus with his art for the past 10 years and isn’t slowing down. While he does a lot of commercial murals for companies, Skye’s own artistic vision for murals revolves around mother nature, our environments and really bringing attention to our natural surroundings and how they connect to us as humans in every way possible. Murals are a great way to inspire, educate, and elevate the visual aesthetics of a community. “While I love painting on a small scale, creating murals that are larger-than-life for the public to see on a daily basis is my favorite form of art. To think so many people may see a mural I’ve done and maybe, one of those people or kids will be inspired by it is a driving force for me to create. I’m constantly reinventing my style and the environment and mother nature are always inspiring me to push my work to be better every day.”

For Chris Benchetler of Mammoth Lakes, CA, skiing has always held a close relation to art as witnessed in the way he sees the mountain and uses hi creativity to draw lines down a blank mountain canvas. In 08/09 his ski sponsor, Atomic, saw hi creativity and offered him the opportunity to design his first pair of pro model skis – The Bent Chetler- now 10 years later he has been able to explore a whole new side of his career, one rooted in artistic creativity. Diving into creating the graphics for top sheets, in addition to other signature items for various sponsors, has taught him new mediums and skills to apply his art work… blending line drawings, spray paints, acrylics, oils, and digital painting. “I don’t have a particular medium that I work in, but I think I do the best work with pen-line drawings – so I went that route with my first ski graphic. I also needed to learn Illustrator and Photoshop – and that process is still going on today and remains very consuming, because digital art is very different from drawing something on a piece of paper or on wood or on a wall. As the years have progressed, I’ve taught myself more and more about different mediums, and digital painting.”

Like us all, Pat is savagely afflicted and equally confused by the human condition. Pat spends most of his time re-structuring his moral hierarchy and fine tuning his hope narrative, in hopes of making his brief existence as rich and fulfilling as possible. He suggests you do the same. Pat has been a part of the Liquid Force family for nearly 20 years. This graphic incorporates stories collected over these 2 decades of friendships made, adventures had, and a ton of debauchery… “I hope for two things in life… First, that when the machines take over they are kind to us! Second, I hope that my son Ziggy is able to experience as many amazing adventures, and incredible friendships as I have in my time with Liquid Force!”

From his earliest childhood in the depths of his native Tarentaise where he started by scribbling on his fathers slippers, until today, Toma has always drawn on everything that came to hand. From the simple white framed sheet, to the canvas he hangs proudly in his living room, through the garden gnomes, walls, skis, skates… his style fits and is everywhere. Born with a pair of skis in one hand and a pen in the other, he has developed a black and white personal graphical universe over the years. He finds his inspiration through culture, old photographic cliches, and music. All in the natural elements of his Savoyard environment. Characterized by his graphic traits, his deformed characters are often twisted with impassive faces, unfettered by all emotion and proportions. His style plunges us into a universe where everything is possible, and where everyone has the freedom to interpret their own vision of the world. All armed with his hands and a simple black pen.

Born and raised in Lake Havasu City, Arizona Karlee became inspired by animation early on in life with a particular interest in anything Disney. What started as small doodles of their characters turned into a career in creative design and concept art years later when she traded in her Crayola markers for a tablet and a Stylus. Much of the early inspiration came from her aunt who pioneered her way into her own graphic design company – always trying to recreate the art pieces she was making when she would visit. After transplanting herself to California about 10 years ago, she began a journey with much trial and error….. landing herself in the digital world, being able to create on the go and work her way into that same style she fell in love with. Along with Disney she is inspired by just about anything on the verge of nerdy from Star Wars, to Harry Potter, Pixar, or the Marvel Universe (and she’s not afraid to show it). She likes to shake up her style constantly as she is inspired by so much and has dubbed herself as a jack of all styles-master of none. You’ll often find a touch of satire in her pieces as she likes to make play on current and past pop culture. With her art, she hopes to create things that just about anyone can enjoy.

Mike’s life experiences have directly influenced his art and him as an individual. Everything that surrounds him has created the man he is today. Bellingham born and raised, with Mt. Baker to the east, and San Juan’s to the west, and lakes surrounding him, Mike has constantly been enchanted by nature. The North West has everything he needs in life and has truly raised him. The mediums that have chosen him are printmaking and charcoal drawing. His true style is best reflected with these two artistic expressions. With this graphic he CNC’d a design into a slab of Douglas fir for the background. Over-top of the CNC he then added a relief carving that he designed all from hand. After a brief hiatus from the LF Family, we are very excited to have Mike and his artistic talent back in the mix!

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