18/4 Soi Sudsawas, Lieb Klong 6 Rd Lumlukka, Pathumthani 12150

The Owner says: “THAIWAKEPARK is not too far from Bangkok the capital city of Thailand – with high way located nearby, traffic-less short haul driving gets you to our park easily. Crystal clear water, sick obstacles(with built in sprinkles) and cable just at the right height designed by professional riders our 5 towers are ensure to smoothen up you ride and to land your tricks easily. With FREE pickup services when you fall – this save more time on walking but riding instead. Tremendous PRO riders from all across the world constantly visit our park – this gives more opportunity for everyone to experience world class stylish ridings. Friendly staff are onsite to make you feel like home even you are half across the world away from there. Everything between your ride – we got an onsite hotel “RIDE n’ Lazy,” INTENSITY PROSHOP and restaurant. One stop does all.

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