FSC Wood






Throughout the 2020 line you will find an FSC logo on all of our wood core boards. This simply points out and assures you, the rider, that we have strived hard to work with our factory to meet certain standards and ecological values that allow us the official FSC certification. Using responsibly harvested wood is what has helped us gain this certification.

Our unique Paulownia Wood grows at a rate of 10-15 feet in one year when young. Once these trees are responsibly harvested, they regenerate from their existing root system to be harvested again in the future.
FSC certification ensures that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits. FSC’s forest management standards expand protection of water quality, prohibit harvest of rare old-growth forest, prevent loss of natural forest cover and prohibit highly hazard- ous chemicals such as certain sprayed pesticides.

FSC requires forest managers – on both public and private lands – to engage local community members and to protect customary rights of indigenous people, ensuring their voices are part of thecertification process and impacts of forest operations are addressed. In addition, FSC requires the results of certification audits to be released to the public, even on private lands, which makes FSC unique among forest certifications.

Liquid Force is proud to be working with such an amazing self-sustaining wood such as Paulownia throughout all of our wood core boards!






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