Wildcat 52" Wakesurfer
52" × 19.76" × 0.93" (11L)
Wildcat 48" Wakesurfer
48" × 19.38" × 0.84" (9.01L)
Wildcat 56" Wakesurfer
56" × 20.50" × 0.98 " (12.84L)
Wildcat 60" Wakesurfer
60" × 20.93" × 1.05" (15.02L)


NEWThe skim for everyone. An updated shape for 2020 featuring a wider nose and tail. The bigger planning surface allows for an easier time to maintain speed. The new tail shape gives you a new pivot point to work off of for snappier turns. Single to double concave hull and a single fin, the Wildcat is the skim…for EVERYONE.

Wildcat Fin

Jimmy Redmon



Just like Slater's board at Pipeline, this board DOES NOT HAVE A WARRANTY.
Helpful tips for long life of your LF Custom Hand Shape

  • Keep out of the sun for long periods of time
  • Keep it in a padded surf bag to avoid dings on the tip, tail, and rails
  • Do not stand on the board while on the dock, swim step, or any hard surface. Only stand on board while in the water
  • Keep epoxy resin handy if you do ding or crack your board. Repair immediately to keep it water tight.
  • Proper Care = Stoke for Years

  • EPS Foam with Skim Stringer
  • Single Concave Hull
  • Innegra Reinforced Deck
  • Diamond Tail
  • Fiberglass Hand Lamination
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