1. FOILBOARD – Every Liquid Force Foilboard is designed with the end user in mind. Whether you are new to the sport of foiling and looking for a wakesurf cross over vehicle or a seasoned veteran looking for the ultimate machine we have the platform to get you elevated
  2. TRANSITION PLATE – Injection molded plate that allows foil mounting to our cross over boards as well as added protection to the hull of each foil board.
  1. COLLAR – Aluminum collar that allows foil system to mount to each of our board connection systems. (Bolt Through or Track Mount)
  2. MAST – Lightweight extruded aluminum strut that serves as the main connection point between you and your foil. Liquid Force Masts come in 4 sizes to match your performance needs.
  3. FUSELAGE – The hydrodynamic connection between the front lifting wing and the rear stabilizing wing
  1. LIFTING WING – Front wing that generates the lift and the main factor in how each foil set up performs. The main performance character-sitics are determined by:
    • A. Surface Area
    • B. Wing Span
    • C. Aspect Ratio (Wing Span2/Wing Area)
    • D. Chord Length
    • E. Profile
  2. STABALIZING WING– Rear wing that adds stability and control to each foil system.
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