International Retailer Disclaimer


Thank you for visiting the Liquid Force website. If you are looking for a dealer in your country, click on the menu and we will provide you with complete listings of all the main dealers in your country. Please support these local dealers. If a dealer is on this site, he is an Authorized Liquid Force Dealer and will give you outstanding customer service and support

We all want to buy product at the best price, but do not be lured in by what might appear as an inexpensive Internet price. By the time you land the product in your country it will more then likely be very close to the costs of buying locally. Does the local price include sales tax? In Europe as an example, all advertised retail prices must include the local sales tax by law.

Buying locally from Liquid Force authorized dealers allows you to support the dealers in your area that are supporting and growing the sport. If you are having problems finding the product you need locally, let us know and we will help you facilitate getting what you want. Also remember that the best local dealers will allow you to try the product before you buy!!


  • Did you know that the freight costs of shipping a board internationally could sometimes be hundreds of dollars?
  • Did you also know that you will be responsible for import duty and domestic retail sales taxes?
  • Did you know the shipping companies will charge local handling fees on top of any freight charges you have paid the selling dealer?
  • Did you know that the warranty is only covered by the selling dealer in the country of purchase?
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