Who likes to party? Liquid Force likes to party, and it was always an event when we came to town for the Trip Across America, a Slide Show, a Free 4 All, one of our BBQ BRO-downs, and of course, BRO-stock! Whether it was a huge double up event, a sunken boat adventure, a fireworks party in the RV, huge pool parties in random parking lots, helicopter rides, way too loud karaoke, or insane movie premiers it has always been an LF’N Awesome good time! Luckily for us, our good friend Pat Milo was there to witness almost all the good time shenanigans! To honor the awesomeness experienced by all involved over these past 25 years, Pat captured many of the best moments from his hazy memories in vivid detail on this year’s BUTTERSTICK PRO LTD.


Peak LTD

It is hard for us to believe that it was nearly 10 years ago that the artistic mind of Nico von Lerchenfeld brought us 3 timeless graphics on his beloved PEAK boards with the theme of PEACE, LOVE, & HAPPINESS. Those graphics summed up the feelings that wakeboarding brings Nico and many others that ride around the world! To celebrate our history together and our future, we asked Nico to create some new hand drawn images for this year’s PEAK LTD… what he created are two amazing new graphics that symbolize styles and on water vibes… on some days we all just want to “Hang Loose” and ride in a playful manner… on other sessions, it’s a “Rock On”, attack the water type of mission! We’re ready to Rock On and Hang Loose this season and will always remind ourselves that it’s all about Peace, Love, and Happiness!



The DROP logo that started it all…. One simple graphic with multiple colors helped launch a revolution in the world of wakeboarding. This iconic logo was under the feet of many of our sport’s most iconic athletes when they first started… Gregg Necrason, Ryan Siebring, Shane Bonifay, and now Harley Clifford. To celebrate 25 years of Liquid Force we decided to resurrect this OG graphic on Harley’s iconic shape, the REMEDY. The wakeboard world officially turned Liquid 25 years ago and we’re just as excited to keep the momentum rolling!



The OG TRIP, designed by Gregg Necrason and Jimmy Redmon in the late 90’s, was easily the most recognizable board in wakeboarding when it came out and today it continues to be the most iconic graphic in LF’s proud history. This graphic was hand drawn by legendary surf artist Drew Brophy and for years we’ve been asked to create a re-do but we wanted to wait for the perfect time to bring it back… what better way to celebrate our 25 year anniversary than to re-release Drew’s art in honor of what the TRIP design, Gregg, Jimmy, and Drew all meant to us and the sport nearly 25 years ago… we thought it would be fun to release it on one of most popular surf shapes, the POD, to celebrate the trippy surf vibes that this art piece is all about! Yes, we are still trippin’ after all these years!

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