Plush Combo W/Vision Line
Plush Combo W/Vision Line



Liquid Force Plush is the go-to handle for the wakeboard enthusiast.  The round medium diameter, EVA padded aluminum bar is wrapped with Ultra Suede for soft, yet solid grip when wet.  The Plush combo offers a coated leader line and Team End Cap to eliminate handle roll.  The Liquid Force Plush handle is paired with the Vision coated non-stretch Dyneema™ line.

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  • Team End Cap: Eliminates Handle Roll
  • Ergo Corner Contour
  • Ultra-Suede Grip
  • 30mm Grip Diameter: Round With EVA Padding
  • T6-6061 Aluminum Bar: No Flex, No Bend, And Super Lightweight
  • Team “Y” Connect: Secure Splice Lead Line Connector For Reduces Tangles
  • Vision Line: PU Coated 100% Dyneema™ No Stretch Fiber Main Line
  • 70 Feet Total Length 50’- 10’- 5’+ 5’ Handle
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