Spoon Bill 5'4"
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Hanging 5 has never been so easy!  The Spoonbill is designed for the old school longboarder at heart with a lot of soul…   Featuring a spooned out nose on the bottom and a specific outline geared towards nose riding and with a squared off tail for maximum hold in the wave, no board has been designed better for hanging 5.

To keep the retro vibe alive, the Spoonbill is best ridden in the middle of the board, a little front foot heavy to keep the boarding trimming down the line. The new 6.5” Hatchet Fin gives great hold in the wave and has an easy release when laying into those soul arcs.  #FreshWaterDeweyWeber


Peter Mehrhof

Just like Slater's board at Pipeline, this board DOES NOT HAVE A WARRANTY.
Helpful tips for long life of your LF Custom Hand Shape

  • Keep out of the sun for long periods of time
  • Keep it in a padded surf bag to avoid dings on the tip, tail, and rails
  • Do not stand on the board while on the dock, swim step, or any hard surface. Only stand on board while in the water
  • Keep epoxy resin handy if you do ding or crack your board. Repair immediately to keep it water tight.
  • Proper Care = Stoke for Years

  • EPS Core with Wood Stringer
  • Wide Nose and Tail
  • Longboard Rocker Line
  • Spoon Concave Nose
  • Hatchet 6.0” Fin
  • Soft Grip Traction Pad
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