“I’d say everyone who I grew up with back home. We were always pushing ourselves to keep progressing and now that I’m down in Orlando I want to keep the stoke alive. But there are the obvious OG’s who are still crushing and innovating. It’s cool to be side by side with them working towards new and better things.”

Guenther Oka

  • Name – Guenther Oka
  • Birthdate – July 2nd, 1998
  • Home Town – Cincinnati, Ohio
  • Sponsors – Liquid Force, O’Neill, Konex Cables, WOO Wake
  • Favorite place to ride – Lake Jessamine, Orlando Fl WakeNation Cincinnatie
  • Favorite Food – Burgers
  • Favorite Music – Led Zeppelin
  • Hobbies – Skiing, Snowboarding, Skating, Surfing
  • Favorite Athlete – Tom Wallisch
  • Off season training – Snowboarding, Rock Climbing
  • Favorite Ice cream truck treat – Choco Tacos all day
  • Favorite place you’ve been – Camarines Sur, Philippines
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