Shane Bonifay

"I'm always wanting to go have fun, seeing if there something I can do differently then most and try to do things just like the guys I remember watching when I was young."


  • Name - Shawn Bonifay
  • Birthdate - April 4th, 1984
  • Home Town - Orlando, FL
  • Sponsors - Liquid Force, Jetpilot , Melin Hat Brand, POINTLESS, CTi knee braces
  • Favorite place to ride - Clear Lake or Lake Powell
  • Favorite Food - Sushi
  • Favorite Music - Probably something you havent heard of
  • Hobbies - Snowboarding, golfing , Skateboarding, wood working,
  • Favorite Athlete - Byerly
  • Off season training - skateboarding snowboarding golfing
  • Favorite Ice cream truck treat - Bombpop
  • Favorite place you’ve been - company is more important then where