“I enjoy watching videos of other boardsports like surfing, snowboarding and skateboarding. It’s interesting seeing new tricks or variations of spins and flips being done and trying to implement that into my riding on a wakeboard.”

Shawn Watson

  • Name – Shawn Watson
  • Birthdate – September 10th, 1982
  • Home Town – Orlando, FL
  • Sponsors – Liquid Force, Nautique boats, Billabong, Roswell, Dragon and Perfsk
  • Favorite place to ride – If riding boat my home lake, Lake Hiawassee or out at Area52
  • Favorite Food – Sushi
  • Favorite Music – I’m into a variety of different music, depends on the mood I’m in I guess. I enjoy Rock, rap, trap, electronic and reggae
  • Hobbies – Love to surf, snowboard when I get the opportunity, golf with the boys and traveling
  • Favorite Athlete – John John Florrence
  • Off season training – Living in Fl there isn’t much of a off season, we continue to ride year round but in the winter months I’m definitely in the gym a few times a week
  • Favorite Ice cream truck treat – Strawberry short cake fo sho
  • Favorite place you’ve been – Too many to choose from but the top of the list would have to be Tahiti
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