If you’re looking for a fast, loose, and light surf-style wake surf board, the DART may be just the right ride for you! The DART comes with a wider tail, slightly lower tail rocker and increased nose rocker, making it much faster with more glide. In addition, these changes make it easier to turn with less hang-ups at the nose. With a lightweight EPS construction that is topped with a reinforce deck and carbon stringers, this board, part of the new Fleet Series, is built to perform and built to last!

Fleet Series

Shaper: Josh Williams
3 Plastic Twin Tab w/ 2 Stubbies

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Just like Slater's board at Pipeline, this board DOES NOT HAVE A WARRANTY.
Helpful tips for long life of your LF Custom Hand Shape

  • Keep out of the sun for long periods of time
  • Keep it in a padded surf bag to avoid dings on the tip, tail, and rails
  • Do not stand on the board while on the dock, swim step, or any hard surface. Only stand on board while in the water
  • Keep epoxy resin handy if you do ding or crack your board. Repair immediately to keep it water tight.
  • Proper Care = Stoke for Years

  • CNC EPS Foam Core With Stringer
  • Dual Layer Top Glass w/ Innegra Tail Reinforcement
  • Carbon Tape Reinforced Hull
  • Single Concave Hull
  • Deck Pad w/ Molded Kickstop And Archbar
  • Ride as Twin, Tri, Or Quad Comes w/ 2 Large Side Plastic Fins, 2 Stubbies, And 1 Center Plastic Fin
Length Width Thickness Rocker Volume Weight Range

3' 10"

19.50" 1.53" 2.81" N / 0.68" T 13.23 L Up to 110 lbs

4' 4"

21.0" 1.78" 3.00" N / 0.87" T 18.81 L 100 - 170 lbs

4' 8"

21.50" 2.05" 3.25" N / 0.94" T 24.59 L 150 - 200 lbs

5' 3"

22.0" 2.21" 3.60" N / 1.10" T 29.82 L 190 - 250+ lbs